Why We Can’t Build Your Fence

Why We Can’t Build Your Fence

Why We are Not One Size Fits All

Ward Design Group loves to work with all types of clients. We strive to provide the best service for everyone we work with, but we are not a fit for every client. We know this is disappointing, but it is true. We get calls from potential clients regularly who we would love to help, but unfortunately, their project is not a fit for us.

Minimum Project Size

Our business model prevents us from serving projects below a certain size. The reality of the range of skills and equipment that we bring to your job site dictate some hard costs. If we cannot meet our daily “nut” (the cost of overhead, including labor, materials, tool expense and profit margin for management and marketing) we cannot take on a project. There are good reasons that we don’t operate below that line. Here are the top two.

First, we lose money. Yes, hard as it is to believe, we are in business to make a profit. We strive to keep our services reasonable, providing excellent service at a fair market price, but losing money on jobs, means that we cannot continue providing services without raising rates.

 Second, it makes it impossible for us to prioritize the project, meaning that larger, better-paying jobs may be scheduled on top of yours, interrupting the work. In addition, the tendency for your job to lose quality based on how long it takes to complete can become a factor. We like to be comfortable so that we can finish your job to your extremely high standards.

Job Time, Vs Labor Hours

While it may seem that your small project would not take that much time, and the price you are willing to pay should be well worth it, the reality is, we have to bill out an entire crew, typically for at least a day, on any project. Here is why.

To start a project, all materials, tools, and product must be acquired and loaded onto a truck. Each crew has a set makeup of supervisors and laborers, so the whole crew moves as a unit. This prep time must be factored in, and it will be different for each job, so even multiple small projects in a day don’t really solve the issue.

Next, when arriving on a job site, there is a certain amount of site preparation and setup that must be done. The setup required to start a new project is much more extensive than the setup for consecutive days at the same site, meaning that a small project may take as long to set up as a very large one.

Finally, when we leave a site, the entire area must be left better than we found it, and this takes time. When factored into a large project, the loading, setup, and cleanup become incidental. Members of the crew that have completed their assigned tasks, or have not begun yet can handle these things on the side, while work is ongoing. Not so with small projects.

What Does This Mean

In general, we try to serve every client we can. However, if your work is less than a full day’s project for one of our crews, we may recommend you call a smaller contractor to get the quality service and fair pricing you deserve. We hope that this does not mean we cannot be friends. We thank you for understanding, and sincerely hope that when you need our services, on a scale we can manage, that you will give us a call!