We want you to help write our Blog!

We want you to help write our Blog!

Here at Ward Design Group, we are not just about excellence in landscape. While we realize that we are not the cheapest guys in town, we believe that what we are providing is a service that is matched by few.

Landscape pallete

Our designs are created not only to inspire, to create “garden envy” if you will, they are also meant to be a gathering point. We want to be a part of helping to make your community stronger, starting with your family. Some of you may have seen the term “staycation” on social media and here on this site, and it is one you will be seeing more from us as we move into the next phase of our growth as a site. Here is what it means to Jerry and the whole WDG team. Our landscapes are about bringing people together and giving them great spaces in which to enjoy relating to each other and nature.

Reinventing Paradise

So, here is where you come in! Our blog, which will soon be titled, “Reinventing Paradise” is going to be centered around helping you do just that! Whether you hire us to revamp your property, or not, (and we know you want to) we want to encourage you to search for happiness right where you, and part of that is reinventing your own spaces to be more conducive to that happiness.

We need ideas!

We want: grill recipes, backyard games, party themes and ideas, pictures and stories about how you and your family spend time on “staycations”.  (For those who still don’t get it, a staycation is spending time where you are with the people you love, and even investing the money that would have gone to expensive travel in your own space) Don’t get us wrong, we love Hawaii too, in fact, if you have extra tickets we are not above bribery!

Send your ideas to the guys at our social media team by emailing them to Jerry, jerry@warddesigngroup.com . We will try to use as many of them as we can, so don’t get discouraged if yours don’t show up right away! You can also leave links, photos and comments here on our blog, or on our Facebook page (just click the Facebook button on the right of the page to get there) or Tweet them to us @warddesign !

Thanks, we hope we will be inspiring a lot of you to reconsider investing in your own property, to create some beautiful spaces! The great thing about “staycations” is that they can even happen on a Sunday night when work is looming at 7AM the next morning! So, get creative and send us those ideas. We would love to share credit for them, so be sure and tell us who you are! thanks!