Water Features for Oklahoma

Water Features for Oklahoma

Nothing is more primal than the look and feel of moving water. Water soothes the soul and centers us back to the important things in life. Here at Ward Design Group, we pride ourselves in the over 2000 water features we’ve installed over the years. This experience puts our founder in place to work as a consultant to design technologies that are now being used all over the world by ambitious do-it-yourselfers and contractors alike.

flag stairs


The trend the last decade is moving from traditional water garden or koi ponds to what is being called a pondless water feature. These features incorporate all the flair of waterfalls and streams, bubbling rocks and tall urns with cascading water pouring over its lips but the difference being that the water disappears into an unseen reservoir where the pumps and controls are hidden. These types of water features are much lower in maintenance and safer for small children and curious pets.


Ponca Waterfall 2


Water features can also be integrated into existing swimming pools. Even though it is more challenging to install a feature after a pool is built, retrofits are a great way to give your pool area a make-over.




birdbath fountains


Bigger is not always better. Even a small backyard or entry to your home can be accented with a bubbling rock, urn or in this case birdbath bowls.


Lighted Waterfall





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