The Garden Office “International Trend Coming of Age in Oklahoma”

The Garden Office “International Trend Coming of Age in Oklahoma”

Over the last decade, we have witnessed the miniaturization of the home office workplace. A cramped outbuilding which once housed lawnmowers and pots can now comfortably be insulated from the cold, fitted with its own electricity, and with an internet connection link you to anywhere in the world. It’s an alternative workplace revolution.


There is a significant increase in the number of business owners heading out to the garden to take the helm of their enterprises and while research suggests that the spare room will remain the most popular home ­work space, it is closely followed by the garden office.”


History shows that there were many famous “shed-workers”.  Shed-worker is the Victorian term to describe today’s modern garden office worker.  The garden office has attracted the likes of artists and writers such as Philip Pullman, Roald Dahl, Henry Thoreau and Henry Moore (and there is a longer history to shed-working than some might think: the 18th-century man of letters William Cowper had what he called a “sulking room” in the garden at his home, where he wrote much of his poetry and prose). Today you’re just as likely to find accountants, lawyers, and software specialists out in the garden as you are sculptors because garden offices are the next trend for the telecommuter.


Working from a garden office makes it easier to prevent – or at least restrict – your family and pets from invading your workspace. There is no need to double up on spaces, leaving your bedrooms and kitchen tables free for their intended purposes. Financially, it adds value to your property, up to 5% according to some experts, and installing an office in the garden is certainly far cheaper than buying a house with an extra room. Psychologically, spending your work day in a garden office marks a clear difference between where you live and where you work – there’s no hint of work attached to any part of your home. Finally – and, if we’re honest, the clincher for many shed-workers – it is just plain more fun, adding a certain pizzazz to your ­working life.

Moreover, commuting to the end of your garden is an option as popular among women as men. While nothing seems as unshakeable as men’s interest in a shed-like man-cave, over the last few years women have been quietly redefining shed-life, turning the new breed of garden buildings into places to work, create and think.

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With more of us now working from home, it’s becoming increasingly important to add a smart, efficient workspace to our properties. No longer is it sufficient to use a corner of the living room. Anyone who works at a professional level needs a dedicated office. The garden office also gives you a place for privacy for the client or business associate that may need to drop by for a meeting. And if there isn’t a suitable room within the home, then why not create one outside?



Again, we at Ward Design Group enjoy introducing our friends and clients to trends and the garden office is an idea whose time has come.  The garden office can also double as an entertaining space as well. Just add a deck, grill and some outdoor lighting and wallah you have a party.