Stay-cations… And why are so many Oklahomans are doing them these days.

Stay-cations… And why are so many Oklahomans are doing them these days.

Stay-cations, Private Home Resorts, and Luxury Landscaping are all ideas that are coming of age as more and more homeowners move toward investing in their home properties, overspending on premium resort travel and other types of relaxation. Especially in today’s economy, investing in improvements that allow you to create experiences on a regular basis, versus spending for one time enjoyment is making more and more sense.


Ward Design Group is very excited about this trend! Not only do we love the opportunity to design and build Private Home Resorts, we also love sharing ideas with our fans to help you create more of what you want in your existing space, so here goes!fantasy backyard 2

Investing in Experiences

More and more lifestyle writers are advising their readers to begin investing in experiences when it comes to ways to enrich their lives. They say, in comparison to owning luxury items, it brings more overall enjoyment and fulfillment. We suggest that both can be accomplished at the same time.

When thinking of your outdoor living, start with the experiences you enjoy! Start thinking of your space in terms, not of what it looks like, but more in terms of what you want to do in it. What could you add to your yard that makes you want to spend more time making memories in it?

For some this will mean relaxation, for families with young children, it is probably more active. There are landscaping options for all of these, and everything in between. Especially here in Oklahoma City, where so much of the year can be spent outside, choosing the elements you want in your life for your yard makes a lot of sense in landscaping.

Shade Hoop

Starting With Center Pieces

When it comes to creating a backyard oasis for “Stay-cations” start with a centerpiece. For instance, for a family with children, an investment in a luxury swimming pool makes a lot of sense. Not only will your kids never be bored during hot Oklahoma City Summers, but their friends will probably be more frequent visitors as well. There is no better way to keep tabs on your children than making your backyard the destination for the neighborhood kids.

spool 4

Smaller yard? Why not start with hot tub or lap pool? You can have much of the same relaxing properties of the bigger pool, on a smaller scale that won’t dwarf the entire yard. Hot Oklahoma Summer nights with a cool relaxing drink, soaking in a bubbling spa could make almost anyone enjoy the home front just a little more.

Sports enthusiast? Why not install a basketball court? Or a putting green? Your favorite sport could be just as close as your backyard, with a little investment and some imagination.

Add Food

Every good resort serves great food, right? One of the joys of outdoor living is creating and serving food in the out-of-doors. With old-school tools, this can be a hassle. Moving the grill, fire it up, adding a folding table for food prep, dragging out the cooler for drinks…tired already?


Modern outdoor kitchens bring the convenience of the kitchen outside. Cooking on a modern grill is a joy. Add counter and prep space, and an outdoor refrigerator or wine chiller for cold stuffs, and it’s as simple as bringing the groceries in from the car to get started.

When it comes to dining, wooden picnic tables used to rule the day. We all have fond memories of time spent with them, but come on, is that what you want in your resort space? Why not take a look at some options in outdoor furniture? Trust me, these are not your Grandpa’s lawn chairs! Set yourself up with enough space to entertain as many people as you want to regularly visit! Like it private? Table for two! Like a crowd? Even a moderate sized patio area can accommodate several round tables with plenty of seating!

Add Friends

Once your space is complete, entertaining, even on short notice, becomes possible! After all, one way to enjoy a Home Resort is to bring in new people. You get the chance to share what you have created, and it will help to refresh your perspective, remember why you did it in the first place, as you experience their enjoyment of your space.

Next time, we’ll discuss how you can work with what you have, or keep your newly redesigned space fresh! So, be sure and join us next week! Remember, we want your input! Got a great barbecue recipe? Love your outdoor furniture, or other elements of your landscape? Share with us! Our goal is to help you enjoy your outdoor spaces more this year than ever before! 405.615.0939