Restoring Nancy’s Faith in Contractors

Restoring Nancy’s Faith in Contractors

If you go to visit our new friend Nancy, you will probably be greeted first by Jessie, her fourteen-year-old Yorkie. Jessie is mostly blind and deaf, but her tongue has lost none of its youthful enthusiasm, and you are sure to be quick friends.


When Nancy moved into her brand new home in a brand new luxury home subdivision in North Norman just a year ago, she expected, as all brand new homeowners rightfully do, to begin a long and happy, trouble-free existence, in what she hopes to be her home for many years to come. She began to notice trouble from the beginning, from a roofing frame that creaked, and needed reinforcing, to ceiling fans that acted as though possessed, refusing to remain on or off, functioning erratically, when they functioned at all.

The builder was less than enthusiastic about making the needed fixes, and when it came to her yard, Nancy had finally had enough. She called Jerry and our team from Ward Design Group after getting a recommendation at a local Home Depot.

The first area to be addressed was a failed gutter drain. The builder’s version lacked finesse, to say the least, and was causing more trouble than it solved.

Next was an area on the back of the house, where concrete was supposed to have led to an exterior door. When the door was removed from the plans, the builder decided the extended patio was no longer needed and left it off.

Pancho and company were quick to assess and correct the situations that existed, repairing one drain on the West side of the home, adding a paver patio section to compensate for the missing concrete, and adding a paver walkway from the back patio, up and through the front fence gate. Nancy was quick to point out the builder’s other shortcomings as the tour progressed but had nothing but good things to say about the professionalism of the Ward Design crew and how they went above and beyond to deliver an exceptional product.

Among the things that Nancy wanted to compliment, were: the way the stone on her paver patio was cut around her valve and cleanout cover boxes, the edges of the walkway, and how carefully they were cut, the perfectly level installation, and how well the look of the pavers complemented her stamped and stained concrete patio, which is directly adjoining the pavers.

As she described the builder’s failing retaining wall and drain on the East of the house, she took time to brag about how our crew had carefully cut the sod and rolled it up, then reinstalled it over the new drain on the west side, how the crew was careful to lay a lumber walkway to keep wheelbarrow tires from rutting the lawn and how the yard had a finished look, from the moment the job was completed.

“I cannot say enough good things about Jerry, Pancho, and just their entire crew. They were hard working and paid a lot of attention to detail. We definitely are sold on Ward Design Group and Jerry Ward, they are my landscapers now. The first project that I will have them do when I have the money, is to continue the paver walkway on around the house and out to the driveway. We talked about adding a seating area beneath my tree, near the water feature in the backyard. The builder put that in, but do you know when I asked Jerry how much he would have charged for something similar, I was shocked to find the price would have been the same? I wish I had known.” Nancy said, “Pancho and the crew were so polite, and  I just can’t believe how much pride they take in their work. They have made me believe that there are good contractors around today. I had lost trust in just about everybody, after the experiences I have had in the last year. I told Jerry that if he ever needs a recommendation, have them call me, I am  more than satisfied!”

Nancy, we here at Ward Design appreciate the praise. We don’t like to brag, (much) but what you got is the same quality of service we strive for with every client. While you are a very special lady, that was not special treatment, just doing our job. You have to take pride in your work when you are reinventing paradise. Glad you like your yard. We hope you and Jessie and your family and friends get to enjoy it for a long time to come. We look forward to working with you again.