Outdoor Living Options For Oklahoma

Outdoor Living Options For Oklahoma

The idea of outdoor living is evolving. The simple lawn chair of yesterday is giving way to luxury that rivals the interior of many homes. Here are some popular outdoor living and entertaining spaces you may want to consider. Please feel free to comment, or request more information about anything that appeals to you.



Wood is giving way to composites, aluminum and vinyl decking as the materials of choice. Whatever your choice of deck material, it is one of the best ways to create outdoor living space. Decks can be added to almost any house and are typically built adjoining the home on at least one side. Multi-level and even multi-story decks are common. For example, a multi-story deck can have storage, or even an outdoor living room underneath, complete with comfortable furniture and modern entertainment.


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The patio is the hard surface cousin to the deck. Patios can be made from stone, cultured stone or concrete paver, or solid poured concrete. The finish and surface styles are almost limitless. Patios require less maintenance than decks and will last longer. The tradeoff is the cost with a quality patio costing several times the price of a deck. Patios can also double as the foundation for overhead and enclosed structures such as pergolas and gazebos.


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A pergola, often mistakenly called an arbor, is an overhead shelter supported by two rows of vertical posts or columns. The columns can be stone, metal or wood, while the overhead structure is typically wooden. Depending on the shade you want, pergolas can have anything from an open grid overhead to a lattice for hanging plants, to a full, weather-tight canopy. Combined with either a deck or patio, the pergola can create a great outdoor living space.

Outdoor Kitchens

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The barbecue grill has been a backyard fixture for years. Today’s outdoor kitchens take it to a whole new level! With anything from a grill to a full gas oven, complete with rotisserie spit, these spaces can rival the nicest indoor kitchens. Using concrete, stone or tile countertop surfaces and built in appliances, an outdoor kitchen can do everything from chill a few beverages to provide prep space for a gourmet feast!

Gazebos and Screen Porches

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Gazebos, or Summer Houses, as they were formerly known, are the closest thing to bringing the indoors out. With a full roof and at least partial side walls, the gazebo allows for slightly more formal outdoor entertaining. Whether you leave them open to the night air or screen them in, sleeping porches offer similar shelter. In these spaces, more traditional furniture gets enough shelter to survive outdoor use, and electricity can be added in more than a limited way to provide lighting and outlets for all the comforts of home.