Modern Landscape Oklahoma City

Modern Landscape Oklahoma City

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 Modern landscape design (also called contemporary landscape design) is about straight lines, in-organic shapes, geometry, bold features, stark graphic elements, and hardscape that really make a statement. In contemporary landscape design, traditional landscape design rules are turned on their head. Water features may be square. Pergolas and shade structures may be steel. Industrial and urban materials like concrete and gravel abound. Plantings take on an almost architectural feel.

Modern landscapes, because of their reliance on hardscape, are often low-maintenance and drought-tolerant. A modern design makes a great choice for sustainability-minded homeowners or those just looking to spend more time enjoying their space instead of maintenance.

Even though you might want to have a landscape maintenance company take care of your property, you need to be to step it up and employ a qualified landscape designer or architect to see which ideas will work the best. By working together to create your space soon your outdoors can become the entertainment center of your home. Remember, it is your home, don’t let the landscaper push you into something that is not you. The highest compliment we can receive at WDG is when clients tell that we got into their heads and pulled off their dream space.
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In order to obtain a modern design for your front or backyard, you must use the appropriate materials. Concrete, for example, is a simple and practical choice. Use it to make beautiful planters, to give the yard a sculptural look or to simply create contrasts.

It’s well-known that a water feature can instantly change the whole look of a garden or yard. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic. For example, a small structure can be a sort of a hybrid between a pond and a planter. You can use water plants and other elements to decorate it.
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Don’t underestimate the importance of Lighting. By using light, you transform your property into at least into a one night and one day scene. But with today’s automated controllers. you can change the night scenes as easy as hitting a button.


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