Mirrors in Outdoor Living Spaces Part Two!

Mirrors in Outdoor Living Spaces Part Two!

In the previous blog about on this topic, we talked about the benefits of adding mirrors to our outdoor living spaces. Here in Oklahoma City, our weather can tend to be a little extreme, so using mirrors outdoors requires some know how to maintain safety. We’ll talk about that today!


These antique mirrors add a nice detail to outdoor living spaces.

Buy, or Build?

When you decide to use a mirror, you have two basic options. You can buy a ready-made mirror, or build one of your own.

  • Ready mirrors are typically cheaper since you will have to have mirror glass cut to fit
  • If you decide to build, you have no limitations on your design!
  • Outdoor mirrors are available in glass, and galvanized steel, which are much more rugged but may limit your choices since they cannot be cut to fit other frames. *use this type in exposed installations for safety


Reclaim, Reuse, Recycle

Whichever way you decide to go, one way to get a unique mirror to add to your outdoor living spaces is to create a frame from reclaimed wood, or old architectural elements

  • Both window and paneled door frames make excellent mirrors, leave the existing finish for patina, or refinish it for a clean, fresh look
  • Stone or concrete window frames work well and can be found used in architectural antique shops, or new from garden centers
  • Old furniture mirrors from dressers and wardrobes also make great outdoor mirrors.
  • Apply a coat of clear acrylic to wood frames to seal them and increase their life.
  • Have a professional glass shop cut and mount your glass. Its faster, and if they break one in the process, you won’t have to buy the glass twice.


Location, Location, Location

The safety of your mirror and its aesthetic impact should both be considered when you are working to find a home for your mirror.

  • Choose a somewhat sheltered area to minimize the risk of breakage, especially if you live in a windy climate.
  • Set your mirror in place and study the reflection, a slight adjustment in placement, or angle can make all the difference in the world. Adjust until you get what you want before permanently mounting your mirror.


Mounting your Mirror

Knowing a few things will help you mount your mirror in a long-lasting installation. Here are some things you need to know.

  • Do not glue mirrors in place, unless they are very small. The silver on the back of the mirror will separate as the mirror shifts and leave black marks on the mirror face.
  • Mount your mirror by attaching the frame, if it has one. Use masonry screws for mounting to brick, or stone, large exterior coated screws work well for wood or siding.
  • Choose a surface that will not shift to mount to. The less movement, the better. If it is mounted to anything other than a solid wall, reinforce the mounts for security.
  • If you hang a mirror without a frame, use metal mirror mounting channel. Attach the channel to the wall and set the mirror in it, so that it can shift without breaking.



That’s all for part two of our mirrors in outdoor living spaces primer! One more installment tomorrow on how to create specific illusions using mirrors to expand your outdoor living spaces!

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