Meet Jerry Ward!

Meet Jerry Ward!

Ward Design Group and WDG Design Studio is the culmination of 3+ decades in and around the landscape industry for Mr. Jerry Ward. It all started when 36 cents would buy a gallon of gas and that one gallon could be translated into freshly cut lawns in his neighborhood. It was all uphill from there. In the 80’s, after his studies at SWOSU, UCO, and OSU, Jerry started and built a successful enterprise known as Genesis Landscapes. Even at that time, he was interested in using the most cutting-edge techniques and materials, a passion he carries with him to this day.

While other landscape companies work to develop a signature look, Jerry’s passion for new and exciting innovations keeps him digging for something just a little different in every project. “The only signature I really want to be left behind is the ideas of my client. The projects I get really excited about are those that combine my experience and expertise with the client’s vision of how they want to use that space.” Ward says. Ultimately it comes down to adding value to a family’s life.

“I get the most satisfaction out of creating a haven for my client. Where they can come home, kick off their shoes, walk out into the backyard and breathe a sigh of relief. They don’t need to go anywhere else because we have created that shelter, that sense of solitude right there.”

From his days cutting grass during Jr High Summer breaks to his years developing water garden technologies, as a consultant for Little Giant Pump Company, Jerry has found landscaping and shaping the environment around him both exciting and fulfilling.

So, now that you’ve met Jerry, come on and give him a call at 405.615.0939 and see if you don’t agree that Ward Design Group is truly “Reinventing Paradise”.