Liquid Luxury! Adding Water Features to Your Landscape

Liquid Luxury! Adding Water Features to Your Landscape

  While many landscapers concern themselves only with shedding water from the landscape efficiently to prevent flooding, more creative designers use a variety of water feature styles to create a more naturalistic environment. By selecting the right water feature for your space, and using best practices for installation, we can minimize the required maintenance, giving you a water feature that adds beauty, rather than more work to your environment. As a side note, our lead designer, Jerry Ward, has been awarded several patents for water garden products and uses Little Giant brand pumps and filtration that he designed during his time with them, making Ward Design Group the premier company for construction of water features in our region.

Koi Ponds

In the last several years, backyard koi ponds have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. Many homeowners install DIY ponds. While this can be a fun pastime, professional design and installation can get you off to the right start. Let us help you create the right size and depth of pond to house your fish, as well as select the correct pumps and filtration system, and install the right plants and accessories to minimize maintenance and give you a healthy pond.


Water Gardens

If fish are not your thing, other varieties of water garden may be more suitable. From lilies to sculptural features, water gardens can add a sense of serenity, architectural detail and color to your landscape. We know what works, and have a long history of successful water gardening, with and without fish.


Water Falls

Naturalistic waterfalls are often installed as feeder systems for modern pools. They can also be installed “free-standing” with or without recirculating ponds. The complexities of falls and streams can create difficulties for homeowners if not constructed and engineered properly. In fact, we are called on to refurbish many “natural” look water features every year, due to improper installation.



Self-contained fountains, bubblers, and other recirculating water features can be simpler and are often installed in small areas, such as porticos, to make use of spaces that are otherwise hard to utilize. Whether you select pre-sculpted fountain units or opt for a more natural design, we can install almost any type of fountain. Our fountains are done right the first time to make them work right.

Call us today for a free consultation if you are interested in water features. Additional time and investment in the design and engineering phase can help to create water features that work trouble free with a minimum of maintenance.


Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are never a “one size fits all” project. That is why every Ward Design Group pool starts with a client consultation to determine what you want out of your pool. While a swimming pool is a great space for entertaining and adds its own value to any landscape, many of them are obtrusive and can interrupt the overall design of the landscape. We work to combine the pool into the overall look of your space, with naturalistic elements, such as waterfall feeders, and other design elements that anchor the look. Call us today for a consultation. 405.615.0939