Oklahoma Lawns Go High-Tech

Oklahoma Lawns Go High-Tech


Artificial Lawns are Coming of Age in Oklahoma


This is not your Grandfather’s “Astroturf®”


Ward Design Group enjoys introducing our clients to new technologies that can enhance the enjoyment of their outdoor spaces.  Hence we are pleased with the increased popularity of artificial turf lawns. We know what you are thinking. Artificial grass… no way… My grandfather used Astroturf® on his back porch and it was hideous. Well, times have changed. In the same way, the floral industry has done an amazing job at creating silk flowers and greenery which at first glance appear to be real. The artificial turf industry has worked for decades now to emulate the appearance of natural turf grasses.


Patios, Decks, and Rooftops


Whether you have a small or large patio, artificial grass can brighten up your outdoor space and make it look and feel more inviting. Because of the organic look of artificial turf available on the market these days, it is no wonder that these products are being used to enhance outdoor living and entertaining spaces. For rooftop gardens or patios, artificial grass is a must. Traditional lawns often weigh too much for a rooftop area, let alone the engineering hoops one has to jump through and watering real grass is both difficult and expensive at those heights.


Artificial grass creates a natural atmosphere for you and your guests to relax and unwind, let’s not forget about the low maintenance, durability and now seasonal use you can experience with artificial grass. When installed properly, you will find your lawn is more stable for play and to set out lawn furniture.

Synthetic turf comes in several different colors, including red, white, blue, and black. Use it for corporate lettering, athletic fields or as a replacement for natural grass. Furthermore, we compare the use of artificial grass with other landscaping materials like tile, pavers, and stone for a design that perfectly complements your office as your home.





There are many unique uses for artificial grass. The benefits are huge with SYNLawn® products.




As a design-build firm, we at Ward Design Group, only want to use the best the industry has available. Here are just some of the reasons we use SYNLawn®.

  • Manufacturer’s warranty:  15 years
  • Saves water. Over 50% reductions in residential water use
  • Massive time savings:  More time to enjoy your yard instead of maintaining it
  • Over 50,000 installations in North America since 2004 and still growing
  • HeatBlock™ Technology:  Coolest turf in the synthetic turf segment
  • Reduced carbon emissions: No need for lawn maintenance equipment or lawn maintenance contracts for chemical and mowing
  • Unmatched product capabilities: The best performing turf in the industry
  • Utilizing renewable resources:  Over 70% of the petroleum-based polyol is replaced with a Biobased polyol made from soybean plants
  • Coal ash is used in the product for added strength and dimensional stability
  • BioCel™ Urethane Coating: The “green”-est product offering on the market today
  • Zeolite for pet systems:  A proprietary pet system which offers the cleanest and safest pet environments
  • Over 40+ years strong. Synlawn is the largest manufacturer and installer of synthetic landscape grass and putting surfaces in North America
  • SYNLawn® has the right grass. The most varieties of grass with the most options specifically designed, engineered, and manufactured for different applications