Landscape Earthquakes! Earth Shattering Elements you Can Add

Landscape Earthquakes! Earth Shattering Elements you Can Add

SO, where were you when Oklahoma City felt TWO earthquakes in a 24 hour period? Another historic day has come and gone and people will be talking about it for days, weeks, months in some circles. As you think about your landscape and the coming year, what changes could you be making that would create this kind of stir in your friends and family circle? We have some great suggestions of how you can create a massive impact on the look and feel of your property! Here they are, in no particular order!

Swimming Pool!

Sure, mentioning earthquakes and pools in the same blog post may seem risky, but hey, that’s why we’re good, we are not afraid to take chances. WDG is getting ready to kick off our pool installation season and would love to set down and design the pool of your dreams. From simple family pools meant for entertainment to wow factor oases fed by natural look waterfalls, we do it all!

Outdoor Fireplace

Fire is one element that is great for bringing people together. Whether you want a brick oven over yours for baking pizzas, prefer an open pit for roasting weenies and marshmallows, or just want to sit and watch the flames dance on a cool evening, we can design a fireplace to suit your space. In partnership with our suppliers at Oklahoma Stone, we have access to the absolute best in cultured stone to face your fireplace as well. All the beauty of a natural stone, with more strength and less weight, means easier and faster construction.


This may seem rather ho-hum when compared to the first two, but the right fence can stand as a backdrop to your entire landscape. We can build anything from simply spaced pickets for that New England charm to custom solid panel fences. Special features can include framing doors into your fence in place of gates, adding custom stain, and other decorative elements to create a one-of-a-kind privacy wall for your personal paradise.


Adding paved areas and large wooden structures, such as pergolas, bridges, and decks can add architectural interest and help to define the areas in your landscape. From paths that control traffic and add a sense of adventure, to large paved areas for outdoor living and entertaining, to quiet nooks with a private seat or two, we can do it all. We specialize in implementing master plans in phases for your big ideas that require funding an overall plan in smaller projects for affordability.

Water Features

With or without a swimming pool, a waterfall makes quite an impression in your landscape. With our connections and expertise in the water garden community, WDG is the premier source for quality water feature design and implementation in Central Oklahoma. We build everything from simple fish ponds to full scale, “live” waterfalls that look as if they had always been a part of your landscape.

Contact us today for more information and a strategy session to help you envision your “earthquake”!