Imagination: The #1 Ingredient For An Amazing Landscape

Imagination: The #1 Ingredient For An Amazing Landscape

If you were blind to all but one color of the rainbow and were asked to describe that rainbow to an artist, how accurate do you think that artist’s rendering might appear to someone with normal site? This is one of the challenges faced by a designer in working with a client to achieve their vision. Since it is impossible to share a thought or mental image through telepathy, we are left to describe it using only terms that are understood by both the client, and the designer.



One common misunderstanding that can compound the difficulty even further is the belief that landscapers are working with a set of concrete elements that can be combined and rearranged but are pretty much the same from project to project. Because of this many homeowners approach to landscape design as if they were shopping for a new car, with a limited set of options, such as color, upholstery, etc. This is true with some landscapers, but, let me describe what Ward Design Group (WDG) wants in a client interaction.

modern cedar fence

When you meet with us, you will be asked to describe the uses for your space, the experience you want, the impression you are looking to create on guests, and any specific elements you want to include in your landscape. In the initial conversation, money will not be our primary focus. Once we have established some idea of what you want to create, then the budget can be discussed. The reason for this is simple. In most cases, homeowners are not familiar with all of the techniques, materials and construction methods at our disposal, or the cost or technical engineering it takes to achieve the desired effect. If we can get inside your mind, just a little, and see the rainbow for ourselves, we have a much greater chance of giving you what you want, many times cheaper than you might expect.



WDG works, not in set elements of gate A can go with fence A or B, but not C. While flagstone A can be matched with border B, but not D…We are working with raw materials, stone, lumber, composites, and plant material to create the elements of your landscape from scratch, to fit your resources, needs, and space. The creative landscape does not always have to be uber pricey landscape.

Much like the human eye can only register less than one percent of the electromagnetic spectrum, imagination can be limited by what we expect, have seen or experienced, or our own personal perceptions of expense, difficulty, availability, the list goes on. When you work with us, we invite you into the heart of your imagination, a place many of us have not dared visit since childhood, to create a dream of what “Reinventing Paradise” means to you. Then, we give you the freedom to share that dream and the tools to make it a reality.