Great Fence Ideas With Oklahoma Winds In Mind

Great Fence Ideas With Oklahoma Winds In Mind

When it comes to fencing, most people stick with the norm by having panel pine or birch fencing installed on there properties. Even though they provide a great deal of privacy, there is not much to be said about imagination.

In Oklahoma we are famous for our high winds. For that reason, fences need to be built for the long haul. Metal post are a must, the traditional round metal post is a good product to use but our favorite is Master Halco’s “Post Master”(seen below). Rated for up to 90 MPH winds, these post hold up extremely well.

PostMaster 3


A while back, a section of North Edmond was hit with straight line winds. After this event, I was on an appointment in the effected area.  As I drove through the neighborhood, I noticed fence line after fence line that had been decimated by the sheer winds. Then I noticed one fence that fared the storm and low and behold it was at the home of one of our clients and “Post Master” posts were used. Another story about a fence we built dates back to 1988. I poured a concrete footer the full length of a 300′ fence, encasing the post in the footer. Metal post were used and each rail and picket were hand screwed in place. The pickets were elevated 1″ above the footer to keep them from drawing moister out of the concrete. And to this day the fence is still standing without any repair. A rule of thumb for building a long term fence is to NEVER USE WOOD POST and keep the pickets off the soil. I am told that when you capitalize text in a blog it’s the same a yelling, and I am. Think about it, when you use wood post you are putting dead wood in the ground and by all common sense rules, dead wood in the ground decomposes.

Included in this blog are fence ideas that are completely custom. Of course they are more expensive than panel fences, but they offer uniqueness for your property, a fence that reflects your style and taste. Fences can be so much more than just functional, they can be an architectural accent as well.

fence trac 1

fence bamboo

fence arched gate

fence horizontal

fence idea 2

fence idea