Five Winter Landscape Myths!

Five Winter Landscape Myths!

When old man winter comes knocking, many people focus on inside improvements. In Oklahoma, many landscaping projects can be done almost year round. In fact, it makes good sense to get your landscape in shape now, so that when outdoor entertainment season arrives, you are not working around a landscape crew to enjoy your yard. Here are some projects that are ideal for the winter months.

Myth No 1. You Can’t Plant

Trees, lawns, and shrubs that go dormant in winter are ideal for planting during the cold season. Much like a patient in a coma, they are completely oblivious to what happens while they are hibernating. Trees, and even sod, often get a better start by “waking” up to their new surroundings in Spring, rather than being interrupted in their growth cycle to move during warmer weather. If you have questions about which plants can be moved, leave a comment.

Myth No 2 Outdoor Entertaining is Out of the Question

With the new improvements in outdoor fireplace installations, all but the coldest days in Oklahoma are great for outdoor entertaining or just relaxation. Whether you prefer gas-fired, or wood burning, we do a variety of fire pits and fireplaces. When it comes to those nice days during winter, when there are some snow and ice, geothermal heat can be delivered inside your driveways, walkways, and patios to keep the surface clear and dry!

Myth No. 3 Plants and Turf do not need Water in the Winter

Contrary to popular belief, dormant turf and plants need water. Not only is the water uptake over the winter but moist soil will protect the roots of trees and shrubs from a hard freeze.

Myth No 4 Concrete Won’t Dry in Cool Air

This is a common misconception. In most cases, concrete can be dried under all but the wettest conditions, in fact, it often dries faster in cold air, which can be a problem. Proper mixtures and care in keeping the concrete covered/wet for the proper amounts of time will result in beautiful concrete work right through the winter. It is also a great time for stone projects, which can take longer during hot Summer days due to exhaustion.

Myth No 5 Wait for Spring to Build Your Pool

Water features and swimming pools are one of our specialties here at WDG and we love to build pools year round. The smart buyer will start now to get the pool ready for the season to avoid delays. During the warmer months, crews get busier, materials become scarcer and time is of the essence, which can mean big delays for your pool. Besides, you’ve always wanted an ice rink right outside your back door. (I’m joking, of course)