Oklahoma Proven: Five of Our Favorite Landscaping Trees

Oklahoma Proven: Five of Our Favorite Landscaping Trees

Trees are one of the major elements in most home landscapes. Several factors go into choosing the perfect trees for your landscape. First, you want a tree that can thrive in your region. Second, it must fit the application in height and spread. Design is another criteria, that while critical, takes a back seat to survivability and suitability. The shape and color of the tree will be the major deciding factors when it comes to aesthetics. Here are five top picks for central Oklahoma! Also, you can click here for more examples.

crimson spire oak

The Crimson Spire is a cross between English and White Oaks. It is fast growing and hardy, tolerating both high and low temperatures well. The Crimson Spire grows in a vertical column reaching 45 feet in height with a limited spread of 15 to 20 feet. It is also prized for its bright fall color. Crimson oaks work well singly or in rows to create vertical separations or focal points. Here is a great site with a lot of good information and pics of Crimson Spire Oaks. http://www.jfschmidt.com/crimsonspire/index.html

red maples

Many red maples do well in Oklahoma, here are two of our favorites.

Autumn Blaze

With brilliant red fall color and a fast growth pattern that can gain 3 to 5 feet per year, the Autumn Blaze is a great specimen for adding color to a landscape. They are pest and disease resistant and feature a fairly symmetrical shape that fits easily into designs.

October Glory

The October Glory features bright orange to deep red fall color. Similarly fast growing, this maple also blooms in Spring with bright red flowers that attract birds even more color! They are hearty and are relatively low maintenance.

Cryptomeria Yoshino

This Japanese Cedar tree provides a dense green screen that provides color year round. In the Summer the needles take on a shimmery blue-green tint. They are shade tolerant and fairly fast growing. The Cryptomeria Yoshino will reach 30 feet plus in height with a spread of 6 feet. They are very tolerant of cold temperatures and even weathered last Summer’s heat better than many varieties.

Green arrow Alaska cedar

Another evergreen that adds value to Oklahoma landscapes is the Green Arrow Alaska Cedar. This tree is fairly small in comparison to many evergreens, reaching 30 feet in height with a very narrow spread of only 5 feet. It prefers sun but tolerates partial shade. Its narrow spread makes it ideal for small areas. The branches are unique, laying flat to the trunk, providing the tree with its “arrow-like” form.