Fall in Love With Your Home Again!

Fall in Love With Your Home Again!

As the seasons change, it is only natural that we start to think of our lives in terms of what we would change. Inevitably, for many of us that including the home we live in. There was probably a time when the sight of home stirred your heart. It may still be there, waiting for you under years of neglected landscaping. Here are some ideas that might help you fall in love with your home all over again, and save you the expense of starting over.

Breaking the Ties

The first thing that longtime homeowners must do is cut emotional attachments to their yards. We know you have pictures of your kids in this tree, before the two lightning strikes, the ice storm and the tornado. Emotional connections make life worth living, sometimes we hold onto things too long. Our advice? Keep the pictures, and have some frames made from the wood of that now ugly tree, but start with a clean slate! Often the best place to start a new landscape is by editing your existing one.

Damaged tree

Outdoor Living

Exterior design needs periodic facelifts, just like carpets and drapes. Start by extending your living space into the outdoors. Increasing your outdoor living space makes your home more inviting, increases your entertaining options and can raise property value as well. Hardscape is one of the best landscaping investments. It lasts, requires little maintenance, and up to 80% of the value can be recouped if you decide to sell.

Permiable Pool Deck

Getting Comfy

Many outdoor spaces are only used in May-June, and Sept-October when the weather is perfect. Add climate control with mist systems, fireplaces and pits, and outdoor heaters. In Oklahoma, a well-designed patio space can be used up to 10 months out of the year! Add other amenities such as an outdoor kitchen, or entertainment system so that going outside doesn’t mean leaving the comforts behind

Secret Gardens

In some neighborhoods, privacy may be an issue. Surrounding your property with a castle keep, complete with a moat is not practical for several reasons, but closing off a small piece of your property for a secluded getaway is a simple solution. Many homes are built with an outside door leading off of the master bedroom. By enclosing the area immediately outside the door with a tall fence, or wall, you can create a private space that can be landscaped to almost any style, since it is not seen from the rest of the property. Small patios, ponds, waterfalls, hanging planters, fireplaces, and almost any other landscape element can be incorporated into your private staycation spot.

fence idea 2

Swimming Pools

We hear from a lot of homeowners who do not know what to do with an aging pool. Sometimes, their once beloved water playground even becomes their sole reason for selling the house. While it is true that pools take work, modern pool technology does put some of the fun back into pool ownership by making it easier. Most pools can be renovated with a new coat of plaster, or liner. Pump systems can be updated, and pool decks can be expanded.

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools