Eco-Friendly Landscape Trends

Eco-Friendly Landscape Trends

Trends in Landscaping

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Many times when trends in landscaping are discussed, the conversation does not go much past the look and style of new designs. In today’s market, that could not be further from the truth. With the focus on environmental causes, many people are looking for more eco-friendly options in their landscaping.


Natural materials made from plants such as bamboo that is easy, and quickly replenished, as well as products that work to maintain a more natural balance are all gaining popularity. One of our favorites is the permeable paver that allows stormwater to be recaptured into the landscape while providing beautiful paved spaces.

Saving Energy


In addition to new materials, technologies are changing rapidly and this is apparent in lighting almost more than any other field. Two things are happening in landscape lighting. First, solar is becoming more and more a viable option with lights that last longer, are brighter and over all perform better than previous generations of this technology. Second, the move away from incandescent lighting has fueled exploration into new lighting technologies. Most notable is LED bulbs and fixtures, which offer more light for less energy and can play a large role in your landscape by adding some night time color.

Eco Spaces

Using your landscape to do more than just frame your home can make a difference in the environment around you. By creating recreational spaces right at home, you can cut down on travel and fuel costs. Another popular landscape idea is the edible garden. Whether you choose a traditional vegetable plot, or work edible plants into your decor, it is a great way to add variety and help your family save on the food budget. We have built raised beds for several clients to be used for edible gardens.

There are many other ways that you can create responsible outdoor living spaces. Contact us for a free consultation to get some ideas about how you can “green” your own space!