Did your Yard Get a Bad Haircut?

Did your Yard Get a Bad Haircut?

There are a lot of landscape companies out there that follow a “one size fits all” philosophy. They are content to install the same pergola, deck, or pool in a thousand landscapes, selling it as the best fit for every purpose. Recently, we have spent some time bidding and redesigning projects that were sold along with these lines by other contractors. It is similar to the feeling you have when the hairdresser just wasn’t listening and you walk away with a bad haircut.  There are several things you want to be aware of to prevent a “nice but generic” backyard.

One Size Fits all Rarely Does

There is a reason that the people who can afford custom tailored clothes wear them, and if you have ever had the pleasure of having something made to fit you know the difference. It just fits. You know your family and how they will use your backyard. Don’t let a landscaper sell you something that is almost right, just because it is “cheaper” than what you want. A good landscaper will find a way to work within your resources to achieve the feel you want, don’t settle for less.

Quantity Does Not Equal Quality

There is a mistaken notion that because a company has built a lot of something that means they are the best. This is not necessarily so. On the flipside, do not let a first timer build your swimming pool. You want to find someone with plenty of experience, doing the kind of custom work you want. In some cases, this may mean that their score sheet does not register as many completed projects, but each one is a custom job and care was taken to ensure the success of the project, both for the homeowner, and the value of their property. Look for a number of years in the business, and a high percentage of satisfied customers, rather than a string of cookie-cutter installations.

Don’t Rush

We want you to be confident. Live with a design idea for as long as it takes to be comfortable. Please understand, that some delays may mean price changes due to labor markets or materials, but we would rather you are completely satisfied before moving forward.

Don’t be a Pushover

This is a hard one for us, we don’t want to run over you with a grand idea that does not fit your property, or family, or needs. At the same time, there is something to be said for hiring the best, which we think we are, and trusting them to do the job. Share everything you are thinking about your project in the beginning stages and do NOT hold onto questions, or reservations. Many times a simple adjustment is all that is needed to take “good enough” to “perfect”.

Don’t Suffer From Inadequate Work

Many clients are embarrassed to have had work done that does not suit them. This may be their fault or the contractors. Either way, why suffer from poor landscaping if you can afford to fix it. Give us a call, tell us what you see, and we will work with you to come up with a plant that creates the yard of your dreams. That is what “reinventing paradise” is all about.