Landscape ideas to keep you Cool during Oklahoma Summers

Landscape ideas to keep you Cool during Oklahoma Summers

When it comes to outdoor living in Oklahoma’s extreme Summer heat, the cool needs to be built into your landscape to make it bearable. Here are some ideas for how you can incorporate some really cool ideas to beat the outSummer heat and enjoy your outdoor living spaces more!



Water, Water Everywhere

Evaporative cooling is the effect you get when water atomizes, reducing the surface temperature and surrounding air. It works when you come outĀ of a shower, climb out of your swimming pool, or even mop a damp cloth across your face. To get the most of it, here’s what you need.


Swimming pools are a no-brainer when it comes to keeping cool and making your yard the coolest on the block! While many homeowners believe they could never afford a swimming pool, there are a wide variety of styles and pools can be fit to almost any size!

The pool not only cools those who take a dip, but evaporative cooling cools the surrounding area, much like a large body of water, such as a lake, helps to maintain cooler temperatures.

Water Features

waterfall 1

Any feature with moving water will help to keep your landscape cooler. Not only that, but the water itself will help maintain healthy humidity in the air, keeping your plants greener, which helps to cool the air as well. Waterfalls with small ponds are great for this.

Mist System


No, we are not talking about the little hose end gadgets they sell at the big “BOX” stores. Professionally installed high-pressure mist can drop the temperature in a local area by as much as 25 degrees! That means guests sitting on your patio can experience temperatures under 90 even when we are setting heat records! Not only that but the high-pressure nozzles we use, create such a fine mist, that you never feel moist afterward, simply cooler!

Shade Structures


This is a biggie, and one of the most cost-effective means of creating cooler outdoor spaces. We all know that shade helps to reduce temperatures. It blocks sunlight, meaning the radiant heat process that warms concrete and other surfaces is suppressed. Combined with a mist system, a nice arbor, pergola, patio cover or awning can make them out of doors downright comfortable, even in our crazy Summers!

Shady Plants

Trees and large shrubs not only provide shade, their leaves help to cool air, and their contribution to maintaining proper humidity make them a real asset in the fight against Summer Sun! DO NOT PLAN ON ADDING LARGE TREES OR PLANTS when temps are consistently above 95! That kind of heat will take its toll on new plants and many will not survive. Waiting for cooler weather will ensure that your plants have a fair chance at getting established so that next Summer they can provide your yard with cooler temps!