Flower-bed Care In Oklahoma

Flower-bed Care In Oklahoma

Spring! Time for weeds to make their annual return to battle against your flowers and ground covers. If you are doing your own beds this year, here are a few tips to make the arduous task less so. If you find it is still too tedious, leave us a comment, and we will schedule a time to come and give you a bid on returning your beds to their former glory.


Weeding is hard work. Start with something for the knees. Foam knee boards work well. These flexible, inch thick pads are large enough to kneel on, help to keep your knees out of the dirt and give you some cushion. Alternately, workman’s strap-on knee pads work equally well.

Lightweight gloves that allow your fingers to remain flexible and nimble help to keep your hands clean and prevent scratches from roots and thorns.

Weeding tools come in all shapes and sizes with the only rule being you should use whatever works best for you. Choose tools with heavy duty handles since even light repetition is enough to break many of the lesser ones.


Use a good quality ground cloth under mulch, especially where new beds or plants are concerned. Make cuts in the cloth for your plantings, and the remaining cloth will help to block weeds and prevent volunteer seeding from above of undesirable plants and trees. We do have to say at this point that even though this is a common practice for weed prevention, after a few years it loses all effectiveness and is a nightmare to remove.


The type of mulch you choose has almost as much to do with the look as does its function. At least two or three inches of mulch is a good bet for beds. It helps keep roots cool, traps moisture in the soil and discourages weeds. Natural wood mulches have different properties. Our favorites are cedar-bark and cypress-bark. Pine-bark will attract termites, not good in Oklahoma. Check with your nursery to ensure that your mulch is compatible with your plants, or just ask us here or on our Facebook page. Rubber mulch is a new favorite and comes in various colors but has a tendency to attract spiders.

Don’t forget to take the time, once your weeding is done, to occasionally stop and enjoy the view, smell the flowers and enjoy the fruit of your labor. After all, this is what reinventing paradise is all about!